Le Reve (The Dream) Las Vegas Show

Le Reve “The Dream”: A Las Vegas Show & Performance

Le Reve (The Dream) is a Wynn Las Vegas Resorts & Casino Las Vegas show set in an aquatic stage.  The stage consists of a one million-gallon tank or pool and features incredible diving feats.  This state of the art theater show incorporates special effects leaving you on the edge of your seat.  This Las Vegas show features 90 performers and 250 cast/crew members.

Le Reve was the original name of the Wynn Las Vegas Resort before it was changed.  The meaning of the French word Le Reve is “The Dream”.  Each member of the cast is scuba certified as much of this performance has aspects where the performers are under water.  To watch this playlist on YouTube click here:  Le Reve “The Dream” Show

Click to watch, hover for the title or scroll to reveal the next set of video thumbnails. There are 25+ Le Reve “The Dream” videos above that show you this highly rated Las Vegas theater show!

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