Daytona Beach Florida Surfing

Catch A Wave!

Check out our related page on Ponce Inlet (The Shark Bite Capital Of The World) Surfing here.  It’s just 45 minutes away!  Don’t worry, it is safe to swim, splash and have fun.

Daytona Beach Florida has been a surfing destination for years.  Just south of Daytona Beach is Ponce Inlet which is known world wide for it’s great surfing.  Here is a growing collection of videos to share with you some waves.  To view this on YouTube click here:  Daytona Beach Florida Surfing

Above is our favorite video of Daytona Beach Florida surfing.  In the video is Pastor Patrick Moore enjoying a day at the beach and on the waves.  Watch our entire video collection of Daytona Beach surfer videos through the link below or select another video from the images below.

Watch the full Daytona Beach Florida Surfing video playlist here!

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