Custom Website Design Or Redesign (WordPress Expert, SEO Optimized)

Looking For A Professional Company To Design Or Redesign Your Website?

We offer SEO optimized WordPress websites just like this one!

  • We specialize in tourism websites!
  • Build a new site or remodel an existing one.
  • Long term SEO plans available plus all sorts of free extras.
  • Sites we build for tourism get their own SEO optimized page(s) & directory listing on IWTTT!
  • Links are dofollow and from the travel niche making them very valuable!
  • Get a paid high end template & paid professional plugins!
  • Sites are 100% responsive and show clean on all devices!

A few things to know!

  • Sites we design have an upfront fee starting at $1500!
  • All sites commit to a 24 month contract and monthly fee of $200!
  • These fees include monthly SEO & will put you at the top of your niche!
  • We host your site for the full 24 months during our optimization program.
  • You will never want to leave when you see the results we offer.
  • Monthly paid search marketing offered to enhance your results to immediate!

What do we mean by top of your niche?

  • SEO is what we do and we do it through content marketing.  We will publish content (your content) and link it to your new site and we will put you on the first page of Google for your niche like: Cancun Snorkeling Tours or Parasailing Tours or well you get the idea.  This is what we do and this company was founded by an SEO strategist.
  • When we say your content consider this.  You are the expert at what you do.  We know this industry and how to get to the first page of Google.  What we need from you is 100+ images, video of what you do including customer testimonials and some written content describing your services.  We will take this content and put it on your new site then add it to our site and social networks.
  • We have 20+ social networks to add your content to and it will all help you rank better.
  • How much content should you produce?  We’ll we are getting hitched for 2 years so…  Produce as many pictures and videos as you want to.  We insist that you start with 10 videos and we will give you customized instructions on keywords to speak in those videos!

If all this sounds interesting, contact us!  The owner will want to speak to you personally.  His email is:

Thomas Bowman Jr

Owner - Sole Proprietor at I Want To Travel To
Welcome to my "FUN THINGS TO DO" website!I offer a personal one-on-one booking service for Sandos Resorts and their high end vacation promotion.I am a certified Sandos Smart Agent and have access to travel agent rates!For work I run a handyman/plumbing service and build informative websites like this one. I have been a self employed contractor & entrepreneur for more than 20 years and currently operate Small Jobs Denver, a Colorado handyman service. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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